A program of the Lawrence Hall of Science that seeks to increase ocean literacy through informal and formal education initiatives
Marine Activities, Resources & Education


This science exploration hall contains approximately 600 interactive science exhibits and several marine tanks that demonstrate processes and concepts from all areas of science. Exhibit "Explainers," individualized programs, and teacher training workshops are available.

Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley

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Claire the Loon Music

Ocean Commotion is a forty minute concert/sing-along for children K-6 performed by Alan Spector and Debra Knox. The theme of this assembly is appreciating aquatic environments and the living things found there. They sing about the pleasure one can derive from the water, swimming and enjoying the wonders of the sea. There is also the message that we can seriously damage the planet's ecosystems with pollution and overuse.

Bureau of Land Management Watershed Education

The Bureau of Land Management provides site field trips and classroom speakers. The educational focus is on the culture and history of the lands and overall sterwardship. Watershed education and botany are also topics of discussion.

Steinhart Aquarium (California Academy of Sciences)

The Steinhart, which opened in September 1923, is the oldest, still-operating grand municipal aquarium in America. The aquarium's collection includes species found at no other institution in the world, as well as species that are extinct in the wild.


Hand-on science gets cold, wet and salty with Animania's marine science program! This exciting program series features both an in-class presentaion and a tidepool experience at the touch tanks.

Floating Marine Lab

From October through June, San Diego County Schools offer a unique Floating Marine Lab program aboard the dive boats Horizon and Ocean Odyssey. For all age groups.

Banana Slug String Band

Environmental education through music, poetry, drama, and movement with hands-on science. Ask for the Slug's Marine Science Program. Based on the Slug's award winning Slugs at Sea and the MARE curriculum, this program focuses on the marine habitats of the West Coast. Favorite Slug's songs such as the Water Cycle Boogie are featured. All performances are developmentally appropriate for the age group. Family nights and special events are also available.

The Ocean Adventure

The oceans come to you with unique, virtual underwater expeditions. Marine biologist and underwater photographer team, Wayne and Karen Brown, bring their world-wide ocean explorations to life with their high-energy, fast-paced, multimedia presentations that combine actual specimens, biological models, life-sized (or larger-than-life) inflatable animals, unique props, costumes, creative dramatics, storytelling techniques, high-tech SCUBA diving equipment, audience participation, and breathtaking underwater photography/videography.

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The Birth of Earth & Ancient Oceans

Survival of the fittest has been the law since the beginning. Explore the primordial planet and find out how life emerged from a sea of toxins in The Birth of Earth. Descend into the deep of Ancient Oceans to witness the explosion of life preserved today in the Burgess Shale. ISBN: 1-56331-580-7

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