A program of the Lawrence Hall of Science that seeks to increase ocean literacy through informal and formal education initiatives
Marine Activities, Resources & Education

Oakland Museum

The museum contains a nautral science hall that expores the varied ecosystems of California, including marine habitats. A variety of hands-on and interdisciplinary classes are available for grades K-12.

Save the Bay Restoration Programs

Save The Bay’s Community-Based Restoration (CBR) Programs gives your class an opportunity to participate in hands-on restoration of San Francisco Bay habitats. While they're getting their hands dirty, students will learn about the ecology of wetland habitats, the role of native plants in a healthy ecosystem, and the current issues affecting the health of the Bay.

Duxbury Reef

This is one of the premier tidepooling spots in central California. There is an extensive shale reef rich with intertidal life adjacent to Agate Beach near Bolinas. This is also an ideal spot for picnics and beach exploration. There is limited access and no formal program.

Bay to Dunes Program

Since 1998, the Bay to Dunes Education Program has been providing young people (grades 2-12) with hands-on education exploring local bay, saltmarsh, freshwater marsh, coastal forest, beach and dune habitats. Cultural history is integrated into the curriculum to help students understand the relationship of humans, past and present, to the ecology of the area. Dune natural history and ecology including plant adaptations, geologic processes, and animal tracking will be covered.