A program of the Lawrence Hall of Science that seeks to increase ocean literacy through informal and formal education initiatives
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Each grade in the MARE curriculum is focused on a different marine habitat.


MARE Teacher's Guides to Marine Habitats: K-8

The MARE Teacher's Guides to Marine Habitats curriculum provides an outstanding resource for engaging a whole school simultaneously in the study of a common theme. The K-8 MARE curriculum focuses each grade on a different aquatic habitat. As students progress through the years, they build upon concepts and processes learned in previous years.

MARE offers extensive professional development around using the curriculum this way. We call whole school simultaneous study of the ocean an Ocean Immersion.

MARE primary grades focus on nearshore, more familiar habitats:

As students progress to their upper elementary years, they explore offshore marine habitats that are more conceptually abstract:

At middle school students explore:

The curriculum addresses:

  • Earth, physical and life sciences
  • language arts
  • environmental and social justice issues
  • art
  • music.