A program of the Lawrence Hall of Science that seeks to increase ocean literacy through informal and formal education initiatives
Marine Activities, Resources & Education

Jim Peckarsky will illustrate personal encounters with animals through slides and videos and will demonstrate the importance of keeping the world's ecosystems in balance.

K-12: A Fascinating Look into the World of Whales

3-12: Encounters with Marine Animals; Endangered Animals: What Can Be Done?; Baby Harp Seals; Common Loons; Swimming with the Manatee; Pollotion: Are there Solutions?; Galapagos; Animal Adaptations; Arthropods; Molluscs; Inner Workings of Plants; Worms; Bald Eagles; Timber Wolf; Mountain Lions.

60-90 minute assembly program or classroom presentation. Pre- and post-materials available on endangered animals, whales, pollution, and some general information.

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Jim Peckarsky
(858) 273-0567
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