A program of the Lawrence Hall of Science that seeks to increase ocean literacy through informal and formal education initiatives
Marine Activities, Resources & Education

K-12 Professional Learning Workshops & Offerings

MARE offers a range of professional learning for K-12 districts, schools, and teachers. Choose from one of our professional learning programs or work with us to create a customized experience tailored for your school or district.

Professional learning to support MARE Ocean Immersion
To maximize the effectiveness of your MARE Ocean Immersion, we offer:

  • Habitat workshops—These one-day workshops are designed for teachers of the same grade level to learn more about their specific habitat, participate in activities, and plan for implementation of their MARE unit.
  • In-class modeling—MARE staff will come to your school and model MARE lessons with your class during the Ocean Immersion.
  • Whole-school inservices—These engaging and active inservices will support teachers in: 1) learning more science content, and implementing science practices as called for in the Next Generation Science Standards, 2) incorporating effective active learning strategies for deeper content understanding and engagement, and 3) integrating literacy and science as described in the Common Core Standards.
  • MARE Summer Leadership InstituteThe MARE Summer Leadership Institute will prepare teachers, science resource teachers, and administrators to lead an Ocean Immersion at their site.
  • Consulting, Scheduling, & Planning—MARE staff meet with teachers in grade level teams to help schedule and plan a school’s Ocean Immersion.

Teacher Workshops focused on Content and/or Pedagogy
We know teachers want to learn more about the Next Generation Science Standards and how to bring the science practices, disciplinary core ideas and cross-cutting concepts to life in your classroom. Let MARE help you! We offer half-day, day-long, and multi-day teacher workshops focused on:

  • Using discussions as a meaning-making tool for deeper content understanding and student engagement.
  • Engaging students in argumentation and arguing from evidence
  • Incorporating the Practices of Science into your existing science curricula
  • Designing experiences to support and promote learning for all learners
  • Using questions to promote engagement, peer discussions, and deeper understanding
  • Engaging students in designing and implementing science investigations and constructing explanations
  • Effectively leading field trips and integrating field experiences with classroom curricula.

MARE year-round coaching, modeling, and workshop series
This professional development model is designed to offer teachers a wealth of opportunities to engage with colleagues in a learning community focused on discussing, applying and reflecting on practice. We will work with your school or district throughout the year in a cycle that includes:

  • Whole-staff inservices
  • Model lessons led by MARE staff
  • Lesson observations using protocols and observation tools
  • Coaching and support for planning lessons
  • Using videos to reflect on teaching practice

“I can use everything. I can’t say that about other workshops I’ve taken. I’m looking forward to beginning right away."
—Teacher, Coos Bay, Oregon