A program of the Lawrence Hall of Science that seeks to increase ocean literacy through informal and formal education initiatives
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Ocean Immersion Support

We understand that implementing an Ocean Immersion in your school takes coordination and planning. We’re here to help! We offer Habitat Workshops, In-class Modeling, Whole-School Inservices, Consulting, Scheduling and Planning Days, and a Summer Leadership Institute to help you and your staff run a successful Ocean Immersion.

Habitat Workshops

MARE Habitat Workshops are workshops designed for teachers teaching the MARE K-8 habitat based ocean sciences curriculum. Since each grade level focuses on a different marine habitat, these workshops are grade level specific. The workshops take place at or near teachers’ specified habitats so that MARE staff can lead teachers on a guided experience through the habitat about which they will teach. This might be at a tidepool, sandy beach, or even out on the open ocean. Sometimes, this happens at an aquarium or marine lab. Additionally, MARE staff model lessons from your grade level’s habitat guide, and offer support with inquiry-based teaching approaches, literacy integration, and lesson planning.

In-class Modeling

It can be enormously powerful for teachers to experience or observe a lesson before teaching it. MARE staff are available to model lessons with teachers, which allows teachers to experience the lesson from their students’ perspective and think about how the lesson would work best with their students. MARE staff are also available to model lessons with students during an Ocean Immersion. Teachers have an opportunity to observe the flow of lessons and teaching strategies that they might not normally use with their students. MARE staff can model up to three lessons per day during an Ocean Immersion.

Whole-School Inservices

On-site, whole faculty inservices tailored to each school are available throughout the year. Our customized professional development addresses specific school or grade level needs and introduces teachers to inquiry-based teaching strategies that help students make meaning and deepen ocean sciences concepts. Customized professional development can be classroom based, field based, or a combination of both.

Consulting, Planning & Scheduling

Prior to starting your Ocean Immersion, MARE staff will come work with your teachers to provide support with lesson planning, ocean sciences content questions, and scheduling. We also work with teachers to choose which lessons they want MARE staff to model. We can provide ideas and coordination for organizing grade level projects, whole school events, and community involvement such as guest speakers and local business contributions. We bring MARE kits and give teachers a chance to look through materials and curriculum. These days are essential for any successful and fun Ocean Immersion!

MARE Summer Leadership Institute

Any Ocean Immersion event needs leaders and coordination. MARE offers the perfect opportunity for teachers to become their school site leaders with the MARE Summer Leadership Institute, showcasing ocean sciences content, hands-on investigations and skills that help coordinate MARE in schools.

Help your school/district improve its overall science instruction and learn to coordinate the implementation of the MARE Program. In this weeklong institute, participants will deepen their understanding of inquiry-based science pedagogy, leading effective field experiences for students, and building comprehension and science content through reading and addressing the needs of English learners. Daily instruction includes an array of ocean sciences content, field trips and hands-on investigations from the MARE Curriculum and the new, NOAA-funded Ocean Sciences Curriculum Sequence for Grades 3-5. The Institute is intended for classroom teachers, science resource teachers, literacy specialists, bilingual teachers, informal educators, curriculum leaders, professional developers, and school administrators.

Participants will gain skills to help their school or district improve its overall science curriculum and instruction.

Please contact us for information on tailoring the Institute for your school or district, or other professional development opportunities.

“Summer Institute was a life changing experience. On a personal level, I have grown beyond words. Thank You.”
—Teacher, Eureka, CA