A program of the Lawrence Hall of Science that seeks to increase ocean literacy through informal and formal education initiatives
Marine Activities, Resources & Education

Teacher Workshops focused on Content and/or Pedagogy

MARE offers a variety of topics for workshops on areas of science content and science instruction. These workshops can be tailored for half-day, full-day, or multi-day formats, and can be presented on teacher inservice days or weekends. All topics can be adjusted to the specificity of your staff’s needs, and we are always open to new topics! See our list of conference presentations for more topic ideas, or contact us to schedule a workshop for your staff or to find out when workshops are offered.

Need support addressing the Next Generation Science Standards?

Making meaning in science through discussion and text

Participants will learn about the role of prior knowledge in learning, how to promote and lead effective discussion, and how to integrate literacy authentically into science learning.


MARE staff are engaged with several NSF projects focused on developing teacher capacity to facilitate and improve students' use of argumentation in science. Participants will gain new understandings about effectively supporting argumentation in the classroom. 

Nature and Practices of science

Gain insight into the nature and practices of science by doing and reflecting on science. Discuss what is and what is not an accurate view of science, and how this is communicated to the public.

The learning cycle and how we teach

Explore how people learn best and how to develop lessons that reflect a variety of learning styles.

Questioning strategies

Questioning is a powerful teaching strategy, opening doors at every stage of the learning experience. We will focus on question categories and how they are sequenced, and analyze approaches teachers can take when responding to questions.

Implementing open-ended inquiry in the classroom

Review the essential features of inquiry and how it is reflected in the science standards and the educational advantage of student-driven learning. Also learn how inquiry experiences can be tailored for the classroom.

Effectively leading field trips and integrating field experiences with classroom curricula

Discuss the benefits and the barriers, and how to overcome the barriers, to taking students on field trips. Learn the essential components of exemplary field trips and how to integrate these experiences into classroom curriculum.