Coaching and In-class Modeling of MARE Curricula

We understand that implementing an Ocean Immersion in your school takes coordination and planning. We’re here to help! We offer In-class Modeling, Whole-School Inservices, as well as Consulting, Scheduling and Planning Days to help you and your staff run a successful Ocean Immersion.

In-Class Modeling

It can be enormously powerful for teachers to experience or observe a lesson before teaching it. MARE staff are available to model lessons with teachers, which allows teachers to experience the lesson from their students’ perspective and think about how the lesson would work best with their students. MARE staff are also available to model lessons with students during an Ocean Immersion. Teachers have an opportunity to observe the flow of lessons and teaching strategies that they might not normally use with their students. MARE staff can model up to three lessons per day during an Ocean Immersion.

Whole-School Workshops

On-site, whole faculty inservices tailored to each school are available throughout the year. Our customized professional learning experiences address specific school or grade level needs and introduce teachers to effective teaching and learning practices based on ‘how people learn’ as called for in science education reform documents, including A Framework for K–12 Science Education and The Next Generation Science Standards. Using the context of the ocean and climate engages students’ imaginations, increases their ocean and data literacy, and helps to deepen their understanding of the Earth system.

Consulting, Planning & Scheduling

Prior to starting your Ocean Immersion, MARE staff will work with your teachers to provide support with lesson planning, ocean sciences content questions, and scheduling. We also work with teachers to choose which lessons they want MARE staff to model. We can provide ideas and coordination for organizing grade level projects, whole school events, and community involvement such as guest speakers and local business contributions. We bring MARE kits and give teachers a chance to look through materials and curriculum. These days are essential for any successful and fun Ocean Immersion!