A program of the Lawrence Hall of Science that seeks to increase ocean literacy through informal and formal education initiatives
Marine Activities, Resources & Education

Oceans Alive! (Parts 1-4)

Oceans Alive! encourages students to ask questions and share their experiences about the sea. Programs show life from all of the world's oceans. Topics explore aspects of sea animal and plant life, the structure of natural sea communities, and the relationship of humans to the sea. Filmed in the wild, the series goes to great lengths to show marine life in its natural habitat. Filming sites include the Red Sea, Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico, Grand Cayman Islands, Florida, Costa Rica, and the Sea of Cortez. The single-concept programs are designed to encourage students to act responsibly toward ecosystems. Each program is broken into several five-minute segments. Available in English and Spanish!!!

Resource Type: Video
Minimum grade:K
Maximum grade:12
Vendor 1:boxlunchmedia.com