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Return of the Plankton

Return of the Plankton: One of a series of videos being created about the natural history of Puget Sound, Washington, U.S.A., this episode uses stunning underwater video of amazing creatures to tell the story of the seasonal changes underwater and the importance of plankton as the basis of the food web. Almost all of the footage in this video is from Bainbridge Island, Washington, U.S.A. The video is 27 minutes long and is available on DVD. Via the DVD menu, each of the four approximately 7 minute underwater seasons can be shown separately: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Also on the DVD are over 150 pictures of creatures in the movie, and each picture contains information about the creature: scientific name, common name, habitat, and diet. Also included on the DVD are a quiz, a food web concept map, a movie synopsis and brief bios of the principals.

Resource Type: Video
Minimum grade:K
Maximum grade:12
Vendor 1:Still Hope Productions, Inc.