A program of the Lawrence Hall of Science that seeks to increase ocean literacy through informal and formal education initiatives
Marine Activities, Resources & Education

WHOI Top Stories

Extreme Climate

A conversation about the consequences for life from extreme climate events

Short-circuiting the Biological Pump

Tiny chemical compounds help choreograph a planet-size dance

Journey Into the Ocean's Microbiomes

A scientist examines a tango between marine animals and bacteria

Faster Chemical Reactions

"One-pot" approach could speed syntheses of new products

Communicating Ocean Sciences to Informal Audiences (COSIA)

COSIA student holding a globe

From this page you will find all the information needed to implement the COSIA course at your Institution.

  • Course Overview: Description and goals

  • COSIA Sessions: There are 10 content sessions that make up this course. 

  • COSIA Outreach Activities: There is a growing list of COSIA outreach activities. Many are modeled during course instruction and are selected by students to gain on-the-museum-floor practice.