MARE: Marine Activities, Resources & Education is a program based at the University of California, Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science that seeks to increase literacy in ocean sciences through informal and formal education initiatives.

Efforts to disseminate ocean sciences content include:

MARE is a collection of science education programs and grant-funded projects for science educators in formal (K–higher education) and informal environments (museums, science centers, aquariums) and their diverse learners.

Our collective work 

  • applies current research in learning and teaching
  • extends across learning environments — K-12 schools, informal settings, and colleges and universities
  • transforms teaching practices
  • engages young people in ocean, climate, and data literacy

Based at the University of California, Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science,  MARE programs and projects are grounded in research-informed pedagogy about effective teaching and learning. Many of the programs increase learners’ ocean, climate, and data literacy, while others focus on STEM professional learning for educators. The diverse suite of programs includes: (include links for each of the following)

  • K–12 professional learning and instructional materials to increase Ocean & Climate Literacy
    • MARE K–5 Curriculum and Ocean Immersions
    • Ocean Sciences Sequence for Grades 3–5
    • Ocean Sciences Sequence for Grades 6–8: The Ocean–Atmosphere Connection and Climate Change
    • Simulation Activities to accompany the Ocean Sciences Sequence for Grades 6–8
    • Climate and Data Literacy Activities for Grades 6-12 Inservice teachers to use in their classrooms (ACLIPSE Activities)
    • Marine science research camp experiences for high school students
  • Professional Learning for teachers and science educators focused on NGSS (many different options)
    • E.g. Grades 3–5 teacher professional learning focused on the NGSS Science & Engineering Practice: Engaging in Argument from Evidence
  • Higher Education
    • Professional learning for STEM university and college faculty – Transforming STEM Teaching Faculty Learning Program 
    • College Courses
      • Climate and Data Literacy college course for pre-service programs (ACLIPSE college course)
      • University courses for undergraduates to learn how to communicate their science (Communicating Ocean Sciences to Informal Audiences (COSIA), and Communicating Climate Sciences)
  • Informal Science Institutions and Environments
    • Reflecting on Practice professional learning program and curriculum for informal science educators in science centers, museums, aquariums, zoos, botanical gardens…)
    • Ocean Sciences outreach activities

MARE is a group of talented and dedicated educators doing innovative work to support science literacy for all learners.

We are based at the University of California, Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science. We create programs, lead projects, design curriculum, model best practices, and  coach educators.

Our Team

Emily Weiss

Emily Weiss

MARE Literacy Education Specialist

Craig Strang

Craig Strang

MARE Founding Director

Sarah Pedemonte

Sarah Pedemonte

MARE Curriculum Specialist

Lynn Tran

MARE Research Specialist (On Leave)

Catherine Halversen

MARE Co-Director (retired)