Emily Weiss

Emily Weiss got her first taste of experiential science education as a teenage volunteer on an EarthWatch expedition, studying dolphin feeding behavior, where she cultivated a love of science and the ocean. Before coming to MARE, Emily earned a B.A. in public policy with a focus on education reform from Brown University and a Master’s degree in language and […]

Craig Strang

Craig Strang is Associate Director of Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley and leads the Center for Leadership in Science Teaching. Craig is the founding Director since 1985 of MARE: Marine Activities, Resources & Education, an award-winning K–8 professional learning and curriculum development program focused on implementing schoolwide marine science that […]

Sarah Pedemonte

From an early age, Sarah Pedemonte knew she wanted to be connected to the ocean. She studied Marine Biology at University College of North Wales and received her Masters from the University of Stirling, Scotland in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management. She then pursued a career in fish farming that emphasized sustainability. She worked in Ireland, Israel, Bangladesh, Australia, the […]

Lynn Tran

Lynn Tran is an educational researcher committed to helping educators and scientists become better science communicators. She has extensive experience working with educators in science museums with expertise in their professional knowledge, work, and identity. Her work has been presented at professional conferences such as ASTC, ECSITE, NARST, and AERA, and published in peer reviewed […]

Catherine Halversen

Catherine Halversen is emerita Senior Program Director and Co-Director of MARE, University of California Berkeley and UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science. Catherine’s work focuses on developing and disseminating in-person and online professional learning programs, instructional materials, and courses for STEM university/college faculty, K–12 teachers, and informal science educators. At UC Berkeley, she served as PI […]