Session 7. Using Evidence and Reasoning, and Tracking Carbon

The content focus of this session also reflects the progression of ever-deepening understanding of the Crosscutting Concept of Energy and Matter in both physical and life processes through a deep dive into the carbon reservoirs and flows of the carbon cycle. Participants write their first ideas about 1) how do organisms use carbon? and 2) where does most of the matter in plants come from? Then throughout the session they gather evidence and construct explanations to answer the questions. They use information from a number of various data sources (investigations, simulations, graphs) and a video, and examine different claims that are made. They engage in strategies that encourage discussion of alternative ideas and evaluating claims, and use the strength of evidence and clarity of reasoning to determine the most likely and scientifically accurate explanations for the phenomena as well as how to interpret the data. Participants use their understanding of the science concepts to construct their own model of the carbon cycle.