OSS 3-5 Unit 3 Resources

Unit 3: How Are Humans and the Ocean Interconnected? Students learn about human impact on the ocean by exploring ways humans use, need, harm, and protect the ocean. The following video resources support student learning. Session 3.2: Evidence of Connections Session 3.3: Investigating Overfishing Session 3.4: Investigating Pollution Session 2.7: Open Ocean Food Web Session […]

OSS 3-5 Unit 2 Resources

Unit 2: What is Life Like in the Ocean? Students learn about the diversity of habitats and organisms in the ocean. Students also learn what an adaptation is and about adaptations that help ocean organisms survive in specific ocean habitats. They also learn about the interconnectedness of habitats by creating ocean food webs. The following […]

OSS 3-5 Unit 1 Resources

Unit 1: What Kind of Place is the Ocean? Students learn that the ocean is the defining feature of our planet. Students investigate physical features of the ocean, including ocean currents and ocean layers. The following video resources support student learning. Session 1.1: Planet Ocean Session 1.2: Modeling Ocean Currents Session 1.4: Making Sense of […]