Ocean Sciences Sequence 3–5 Resources

For educators using the GEMS Ocean Sciences Sequence 3–5 curriculum: here we provide resources that support the curriculum, including all supplemental videos outlined in the teacher’s guide.

Click on each Unit link below to find the video resources used in each session.

Alternatively, use the OSS3-5 Playlist link to be directed to the Ocean Sciences Sequence YouTube playlist that hosts all the videos from all Units of the Ocean Sciences Sequence 3–5 curriculum.

Supplemental Resources to the Ocean Sciences Sequences Curriculum for Grades 3–5.

  • Unit 1
  • Unit 2
    • Shape of Life videos. These short videos show interesting adaptations for feeding and movement of a variety of different ocean organisms, including an anemone that can unattach itself from a rock and swim away from its sea star predator. Session 2.5 and 2.6.
  • Unit 3