Session 10. Cause and Effect, and Ocean Acidification

This session focuses on the causes and effects of ocean acidification, the crosscutting concept of cause and effect, making and interpreting graphs, and how graphs are useful to make predictions. Through hands-on investigations, the development and interpretation of a data visualization, and some brief readings, participants explore the causes and effects of ocean acidification. They learn that some shell building organisms are and will be negatively impacted by ocean acidification. They also use the information they gather to create a cause and effect flowchart, which serves as a mental model for how all of the new information they have learned fits together. Additionally, participants use their cause and effect flowcharts as the basis for developing solutions to a real-life problem faced by oyster farmers in one community. Participants end the session by reflecting on all of the ways in which the crosscutting concept of cause and effect supported their learning around ocean acidification, as well as any other crosscutting concepts or science and engineering practices they used during the session.