5th Grade–Open Ocean

This curriculum (MARE Teachers’ Guide to Open Ocean and GEMS Ocean Currents and Only One Ocean) includes activities for students to examine the causes and effects of connected ocean basins and ocean currents, make evidence-based explanations for animal adaptations, and work with real-data to design solutions for sustainable fisheries.

4th Grade–Kelp Forest

Download the Kelp Forest Teacher Guide Now Gazing from shore at the gently swaying surface of a kelp forest canopy, it’s difficult to imagine the activity below. But from holdfast to blade this algal forest is home to bizarre invertebrates and fish of every imaginable color, size, and form. It’s also the unique home of […]

3rd Grade–Wetlands

This curriculum includes activities that investigate the relative densities of water, map organism foodweb connections, use data analysis to examine habitat resource use, and experimental design to learn more about animal adaptations.

K–12 Educators and Schools

MARE offers a variety of powerful curriculum tools, resources, and professional development to help bring the excitement of ocean sciences to your school. Our professional development and curriculum resources are grounded in research and best practices in science education. Our curriculum is inquiry-based, hands-on, and promotes literacy integration and student discussion. Contact us! We are […]