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Thematic Instructional Sequences

The thematic instructional sequence provides an example of the order in which you might present the activities to your students. It is just one example however. You may decide to take another path through the material, depending on your science discipline focus (earth, physical, biological), how much time you plan to spend on the material (one to six months), and how many times per week you plan to teach it.

The thematic sequence for each habitat also details the concepts addressed by each activity, and most importantly, provides transition statements between the activities. We urge you to share these transitions with your students so they too can understand the connections between activities and why you presented the activities in a particular order.

The transitions also help students to see how the science concepts are connected and build on one another.

Download a blank thematic sequence so that you can create your own unique pathway through the MARE curricula (complete with your own transition statements to share with your students).


Download the MARE thematic instructional sequence for your grade:

Grade 2 — Sandy Beach (pdf)
Grade 3 — Wetlands (pdf)
Grade 4 — Kelp Forest (pdf)
Grade 5 — Open Ocean (pdf)